Geoff is the Lead Developer and a co-founder at Cryptiv. He"s a full-stack developer with over a decade of experience in the development of web applications. Also, as head of security, Geoff brings deep experience in reverse engineering, cracking various security protocols and uncovering security vulnerabilities in software. Geoff is also a skilled sailor who has journeyed the high seas, hence the pirate-like beard.



Mat is the CEO of Cryptiv and a serial entrepreneur. He’s a financial tech nerd who’s fascinated by society's relationship with money. Mat earned a MSc. from The London School of Economics focusing on the history of money. He has a background in technical and fundamental analysis, risk management, and derivatives trading. Mat has a deep understanding of digital currency markets, the blockchain industry and their underlying technologies.




Filip is passionate about working with disruptive technologies and studying their effects on society and organizations. He holds a MSc from the University of Oxford where he researched the role of new media in contemporary social movements. He has since worked with startups on marketing and growth. After being introduced to the blockchain space he has been working with Cryptiv on marketing, research and business development.



Dan is a software developer focusing on Cryptiv's hardware security integrations. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University and has experience working on distributed systems in the computer vision space. Dan focuses on developing the hardware components for Cryptiv's digital asset management systems.


Firmware Engineer

Tian is a UI/UX designer at Cryptiv. He has a passion for design and is intrigued by all things innovative and disruptive; blockchain is one of those cutting-edge technologies that has captivated him. He loves startups and has a penchant for coding, data, and product


UI & Graphics

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