Wallets as a Service

Complete private key management solution with multi-signature controls, administrative oversight, and user authentication

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Secure and Scalable Cryptoasset Management

Generate wallets

Deploy multi-signature wallets and optionally place spending rules and limits on users’ accounts

Manage users

Introduce administrative controls, account auditing and recovery, and best-practice security standards

Secure assets

End-to-end private key security solution and cold storage integration

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How does Cryptiv work?

Cryptiv allows an organization to generate wallets for employees that provide controlled and secure access to the company's cryptoassets. Users don't have to secure private keys locally, allowing them to access assets from multiple devices and to sign transactions offline. Crypiv’s multi-signature wallets ensure that the compromise of a single key will not result in permanent loss of value. Transactions will only execute if they comply with the rules and limits set by the organization.

The End User

  • Access wallets from any device
  • Create transactions client-side in accordance with set rules and limits
  • Manage the firm's cryptoassets in a secure manner

The Admin

  • Deploy wallets for end-users and manage access
  • Set account rules and limits including white/black label addresses, transaction size and rate limits, and time-based restrictions
  • Account recovery, audits, and oversight

Why Cryptiv?

Introduce enterprise-grade security to your blockchain applications

Cryptiv Hosted Wallet Client-side Wallet
Multi-Signature wallets
Multi-chain support
Account recovery procedures
Access wallets from multiple devices
Transaction rules & limits
User’s key hidden from service
Integrate ID management systems
HSM support