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Position your firm to thrive in a new era:
Private-key and employee access management


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The Cryptiv Platform

Enterprise Blockchain Wallet Systems

How Cryptiv Works

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Enforce Best-Practice Security Procedures

System-wide security procedures embedded throughout.

Employees can safely manage digital assets on the behalf of your organization.

Become Blockchain Transactional


Send, receive & store

Access multiple blockchains

View transaction history

Access and Transact

Send, receive, and store blockchain-enabled assets

Manage Private-keys at scale


Secure and Manage

Connect to Multiple Blockchain Protocols

Authorize Managed Accounts

Administer over employees' accounts

Oversee transactions and implement rules and limits

Access current and next-generation protocols.

Manage assets on various blockchains.

 Is your organization Blockchain ready?

Account creation & recovery

Set rules, policies & limits

Employee audits & oversight

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We are hiring!