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Position your firm to thrive in a new era:
Secure, manage, and transact blockchain-enabled assets


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The Cryptiv Platform

Enterprise Blockchain Management Systems

How Cryptiv Works

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Enforce Best-Practice Security Procedures

System-wide security procedures embedded throughout.

Employees can manage digital assets on the behalf of your organization.

Become Blockchain Transactional


Send, receive & store

Access multiple blockchains

View transaction history

Access and Transact

Send, receive, and store digital assets.

Facilitate blockchain use cases.


Secure and Manage

Connect to Multiple Blockchain Protocols

Authorize Managed Accounts

Provide secure access for your employees.

Oversee account activities and implement policies and limits.

Access current and next-generation protocols.

Manage assets on various blockchains.

 Is your organization Blockchain ready?

Set rules, policies & limits

Account creation & recovery

Employee audits & oversight

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